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Welcome to Our Adult Program at Everything Horses, Inc!

We really wanted you to click that last button, because we really want you to know, that we know what it can be like to "get back in the saddle" or to "saddle-up" for the first time.


The coolest thing about riding horses is that what you have to know to ride a horse, you already do somewhere else in your life: compassion, friendship, compromise, negotiation, communication, movement.  See! You're halfway there already.

Riding combines many benefits to create a unique experience not found in any other activity.


Riding is the only sport where your partner is an animal​. Their willingness to associate with us makes our lives easier, softer, compassionate and accepting. 


Getting fit is easy and you get a great workout, and you won't be watching the clock or counting out reps, because you are preoccupied having fun and learning with your horse.


Riding and bonding with a horse can be a total zen experience, away from anything else you do all day. Co-being with a horse will change your life in so many wonderful ways: presence, acceptance, reflection.

No Risk With Us


There is no risk in trying it out, we won't commit you to a certain amount of lessons, and we won't have you join a membership that rolls over, and if you should decide that it isn't for you, we will refund you whatever amount you have paid for and haven't used.

Our goal is your confidence to give it try.

EH provides riding lessons to adults of all riding levels in the disciplines of English and/or Western and Hunters and Jumpers. Along with our welcoming team of riding instructors, EH brings to our community a fulfilling riding and lifestyle experience that extends beyond our stable's doors. The Key Leads in our Adult Riding Program are very important to us because they provide the necessary 

Private Lessons:

We offer Private Lessons for those riders who are working on a particular skill or emotion that requires one on one attention. 

Because Private Lessons are so individualized and are usually requested to accomplish a single goal, we cannot always predict how long you will wish your private lesson to be.


For budgeting purposes, note that Private Lessons range from 30 min - 60 min. in length, and are priced accordingly.

Prices begin at $85.00 for 30 min. on one of our horses and raise up to $125.00 for an hour.

15 min. Promise

Riders are expected to arrive to the arena, with their horse, 15 mins prior to the start of instruction, for a supervised warm-up.

Riders are expected to take approximately 15 mins to cool-down their horse and themselves

Riding Attire:


  • Riding Boots (1/2" Heel)

  • Riding Helmet (Provided if necessary)

  • Polo or T-Shirt

  • Breeches



  • Gloves

  • Belt


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There is something for everyone at Everything Horses, Inc. Our goal is simple. Share the love of horses through friendship, hands-on learning and self - discovery. 

This stables is dedicated to encourage people like you or your children to ride and love horses in their own way and for their own reasons. We know there is something here for you.

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