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They're part of your family, and we understand, which is why we make them part of our family.

Everything Horses partners with Carousel Stables to provide board for your horse. The crew at Carousel have years of experience attending to all the needs of horses.

The Care and Attention Your Horse Will Receive by Carousel Stables, Inc.

  • 2-3 Hay & Grain Feedings per day

  • Daily stall cleaning and re-bedding

  • Shelter bedding

  • Blankets/Fly Sheet/Sheet Service

  • 24 hr. outdoor water, shelter (outdoor horses)

  • Full day turn out: private, semi-private, group, pasture 

  • 24-hour on-site security

  • Night Check and Lock Down

  • Farrier Handling*

  • De-worming*

  • Vaccinations*

  • Full Use of Facilities

  • Individual Tack Locker

  • Storage Area

  • Trailer Parking

  • Vacation Care

  • In-house Farrier

  • In-house Vet

  • In- house Chiropractor and Physio


Important Information About the Care of Your Horse

Please note: Carousel's primary focus is to educate and facilitate learning and positive rider & horse care. In order to maintain our values, we require all boarders and riders to participate in the minimum participation level for their program. Each program has a minimum level of participation that is appropriate for the horse & rider.


*To ensure consistent and quality herd health care, all horses are maintained on a year- round vaccine, de-wormer, dentition, and farrier plan – scheduled monthly and as necessary. Veterinary and farrier services are billed directly to the owner by the service provider.

Indoor horses are fed to accommodate their individual nutritional needs.

Outdoor horses are fed hay to accommodate their individual nutritional needs, however, EH and guarantee consistency of hard feed requirements due to group stabling. Owners can provide supplements and additives of their choice and feed their horse when they are at the stables.

Daily Care Schedule

7:30am - Hard Feed

7:30 am - Turn Out, Hay

7:00-9:00 - Barn and Stall Clean

10:00 - Hay Feed

3:00-4:00 - Turn In/ Hard Feed/Hay

8:00-10:00 - Night Feed/Hay

Indoor Board

Indoor Stall + Turn Out (3 feedings/day): $900..00 + GST

Shedrow Board

Outdoor Stall + Turn Out (2 feedings/day): $600..00 + GST

Outdoor Board

Outdoor Board (2 feedings/day): $450.00/month + GST

Extra Services

Blanketing: $50.00/month (October- April) for extra blanket services

Hard Feed: $20.00 per bag/month (may vary by feed type & price) *This is for additional specialized feed. We recommend purchasing your own feed bags if your horse requires special feed.*

Standard Extra Fees

De-worming: $25.00 4 x per year

Vaccination handling: $25.00 2 x per year

Farrier Handling: $15.00 8 x per year

Board Replacement fee: $25.00 quarterly

Service Providers

Herd Health Program -  Dr. Chad Hewlitt (Energy Equine Veterinary Services)

Farrier Services – Farrier by Nathan


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There is something for everyone at Everything Horses, Inc. Our goal is simple. Share the love of horses through friendship, hands-on learning and self - discovery. 

This stables is dedicated to encourage people like you or your children to ride and love horses in their own way and for their own reasons. We know there is something here for you.

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