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The Learning Assistant program is an opportunity for youth in the program to gain knowledge and experience in teaching, mentoring and helping others. The Learning Assistants help with the catching of horses, tacking up, brushing, untacking, turn out, pre-mounting procedure, and ensuring the lesson runs on time.


This opportunity allows volunteers to gain more knowledge about horses through experience, allows for more time at the barn, builds new friendships, teaches leadership skills, team work, responsibility, and methods of teaching others.


Becoming a Learning Assistant is the first step to becoming a coach.


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Partnering with Clip Clop, Inc.

If you are curious about becoming a LA, then most likely you already ride in the Clip Clop Program. The LA Program is a valued component of Clip Clop, Inc.. We provide sign up information on this site, as well as the Clip Clop, Inc. site, as we didn't' want you to spend extra time searching for the information because, after all, you have horses that need your assistance right now.

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There is something for everyone at Everything Horses, Inc. Our goal is simple. Share the love of horses through friendship, hands-on learning and self - discovery. 

This stables is dedicated to encourage people like you or your children to ride and love horses in their own way and for their own reasons. We know there is something here for you.

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