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Everything Horses and Clip Clop, Inc. are a partnership with Carousel Stables, Ltd.- combining wisdom and experience with youth and curiosity.

There's something here for you!

Whether you are in it for the pure love of the horse, or for the love of the horse and the ribbons, or both - there is something for you at Everything Horses.

Whether you are a parent looking into horseback riding for your child, or you are an adult looking into riding for the 1st time, or haven't in a long time - 

There is Something Here for You!



This symbol represents long-term vision, collaboration and support for the horse online, in the cloud, and on the ground.


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Know What You're Good At...

In business, it's advised to know what your business is good at, and then focus on it.

At Everything Horses, we excel at the introduction of horses to new comers, horse care,  training of and advancing riders and horses to every level of participation in the industry.

As horseman, we know and appreciate the value newcomers bring to our sport. In fact, all of us were newcomers at one time.

One of our biggest values is fostering the love of horses, which means we want new riders and riders who want to ride again!

So, we know people who excel at fostering new comers and returning riders to the saddle.

We have partnered with Clip Clop, Inc. to bring you the safest, most thorough, and professional horse discovery & learning program in the industry.

Clip Clop is number one! The top! The greatest - and much more, for delivering the best horse and rider education. CC has a long list of new and former riders- over 3000 of them! 

Over the 35 years it took to evolve into the current business of Clip Clop, the many riders that have come through the program have moved on to become top competitors, instructors and horseman, and if they didn't remain riding, they moved on to become professionals, awesome parents, business owners and educated fans of the industry, who attribute their quality of character, to skills learned while riding.

Once a rider has progressed through the Clip Clop Program, they move over to the Everything Horses Program, where they will progress to horse ownership, leasing, increased training and competition.

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There is something for everyone at Everything Horses, Inc. Our goal is simple. Share the love of horses through friendship, hands-on learning and self - discovery. 

This stables is dedicated to encourage people like you or your children to ride and love horses in their own way and for their own reasons. We know there is something here for you.

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