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Hello and welcome to our Clip Clop and EH Youth Riding Programs!


We are excited to offer English & Western riding lessons to children of all ability levels. In this program riders are encouraged to explore all activities in English and Western.

Along with learning from our awesome team of riding instructors, EH is a place where kids can make life-longs friends, in an atmosphere of fun and sharing, both on and off horse.


Learn Horses to

learn to love oneself.


Learn Leadership to learn integrity, honesty & accountability.


Learn Friendship to learn acceptance, generosity & joy.


Learn riding to learn hard work, perseverance, compromise, empathy & kindness.

Not sure how to proceed?

It's easy!

Follow the path...........

Please note, your monthly fee includes aproximately 1 off horse learning session per month. We will do our best to align these off horse lessons with inclement weather. 

Private Lessons:


Before purchasing a private lesson please discuss with your coach if a private lesson is suitable for you. 

A private lesson on your own horse is 30 minutes long.

A private lesson on an EH horse includes: 15- minutes before and after the lesson, of off-horse instruction, in addition to the 30-minutes of riding instruction. 

Riding Attire:



  • Riding Boots (1/2" Heel)

  • Riding Helmet (Provided if necessary)

  • Polo or T-Shirt

  • Breeches



  • Gloves

  • Belt

To view the current lesson schedule, click on the link below. We will add times and days to accommodate new riders, so please ask! Others are waiting to coordinate with you!

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There is something for everyone at Everything Horses, Inc. Our goal is simple. Share the love of horses through friendship, hands-on learning and self - discovery. 

This stables is dedicated to encourage people like you or your children to ride and love horses in their own way and for their own reasons. We know there is something here for you.

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